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A+ Grade 5 Volume 2 is a bilingual (Afrikaans and English) program, which contains hundreds of exciting exercises in 5 key skills development sections. These proven skills are essential to equip your child with the fundamental knowledge that is necessary for the primary educational phase and later.  Suitable for ages 10-11

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* Eduplay Educational Suite

* 123 Slim Afrikaans / 123 Smart English

* 123 Slim Senior / 123 Smart Senior


The skills developed include math (20 sub sections), reading, spelling, logical reasoning, memory recall, concentration and basic computer skills.

All the activities are presented in fun and engaging game play. The games are made to be understood by kids and is designed to be played without adult assistance. The result is that you not only develop the child’s intellect and fundamental skills, but also a sense of self-confidence.

The graphical interface is designed around an Urban Adventure theme. High quality graphics and animations ensure that the learning experience is always fun and engaging.

The navigation is made to be extremely easy for kids to use. Simplified layouts and no complicated controls gives a new meaning to user friendlyness.


* Mathematics; all exercises also have step by step visual instructions or examples. The exercises are fully interactive to learn the easy way of solving mathematical problems. Thousands of combinations are generated and marked by the computer and mistakes made are shown and corrected by the computer.
* Reading with Comprehension; 50 Reading passages to test the learner's reading insight and concentration. Questions are asked at the end of the reading session to test the learner's comprehension.
* Reading - Corrections; 65 Reading passages are selected randomly for reading. Between 10 – 12 mistakes are made by the computer which has to be spotted and corrected. A memorandum of the same passage appears after completion of the exercise.
* Reading - Speed Reading; in this exercise the learner can select his own reading speed before the exercise starts. The speed is then translated to a moving black frame that highlights the sentence to be read according to the speed selected.
* Memory - Memorise label inscriptions; 50 Schematic crosscut sketches are used randomly with labels to memorise. The labels are taken away and has to be completed by the correct inscription.
* Memory - Visualisation; hundreds of different faces are made-up by the computer from body parts like heads, eyes, noses, mouths and hair. The computerised face has to be memorised and then put together by the learner using the same parts.
* Spelling; 10 random selected words are displayed one by one with an audio sound track reading the words. The words are memorised, then taken away and asked to be spelled via audio instruction.
* Thinking;  
9 blocks are placed in a frame. The numbers and colours on each block must match with the adjacent block’s numbers and colours. Infinite number of exercises can be generated by the computer.
* Printable Progress Report;


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