A+ GRADE 0-1 


Price: R200.00 (Buy the special combo and save up to 55%)

A+ Grade 0-1 Volume 1 consist of 12 programs (6 Afrikaans and 6 English) with interactive illustrations and sound tracks. 

Develops 5 learning skills (Math, Reading, Thinking, Memory and Creativity) in 5 levels of difficulty. Suitable for ages 5-7

This program is included in the following fixed selection Combo Deals:

* Eduplay Educational Suite

* 123 Slim Afrikaans / 123 Smart English

* 123 Slim Junior / 123 Smart Junior


Contains hundreds of exercises in each section which your child can master on his/her own and offers enough challenges. The level of difficulty is automatically controlled and adjusts to your child's performance. As an incentive on good performance, a bonus game appears which also stimulates your child's thinking and concentration.

The data base of this programme can store 1000 names. The results obtained during the exercises are listed against each learner's name on a daily basis. An analysis may be viewed to find the learner's strong and weak learning areas.


* 5 in 1 proven methods to improve marks.
* Bilingual (English and Afrikaans) local educational software.
* Package allows your child to practise his own, and to become a self starter.
* Concentrates on the 5 foundational skills every child needs to develop and grow in life, maths, spelling, thinking, memory, reading
* All activities based on games - so the child enjoys learning - fully interactive.
* A printable progress report available for each child.
* Contains 5 levels of difficulty per category.
* Help improve hand-eye coordination and computer skills.


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