A+ GRADE 2-3 


Price: R200.00 (Buy the special combo and save up to 55%)

A+ Grade 2-3 Volume 1 consists of 26 programs (13 Afrikaans and 13 English) with interactive illustrations and sound tracks.

Develops 5 learning skills (Math, Reading, Spelling,Thinking and Memory)  in 5 levels of difficulty. Suitable for ages 7-9

This program is included in the following fixed selection Combo Deals:

* Eduplay Educational Suite

* 123 Slim Afrikaans / 123 Smart English

* 123 Slim Junior / 123 Smart Junior


The program focuses on the development of basic learning skills. In all sections, the level of difficulty is controlled by our 'adaptive learning system' where the learner is promoted to a higher level when consistently achieving 80% or more. The levels of difficulty are also time limited and the levels can also be adjusted manually.
Parents and teachers will be glad to know that all the results obtained during the exercises are listed against each learner's name on a daily basis. An analysis may be viewed to find the learner's strong and weak learning areas. This product was previously called Big Boet Grade 2-3 Volume 1.


* Math (Multiplication - Tables from x2 - x5, Addition - Arithmetic of single and double digits values,  Subtraction - In dart game format,
Wordsums - Hundreds of exercises)
* Spelling (Hundreds of words from 4 letters to 10 letters Words are randomised)
* Thinking (Lateral Thinking - 50 mazes; Association - 300 pictures)
* Memory (memory with sounds - hundreds of instrument sequences, memory with pictures - hundreds of random pictures)
* Reading (Rhymes and questions - 30 popular,
Singular and Plural words - 600 words, Read with comprehension - 150 true/false statements)


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