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A+  Maths / Wiskunde Volume 1 contains hundreds of exciting math games in Afrikaans and English to develop the fundamental math skills in pre-school and primary school learners ( Pre-school - grade 7).

Suitable for ages 4-13

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A+ Maths / Wiskunde Volume 1 is a fun-filled multimedia educational program for pre-school and primary school learners, and develops the fundamental mathematical skills in order to master advance mathematics in higher education. A+ Maths is suitable for a broad age group.

There are 26 math sections in 3 levels of difficulty ( Beginner, Advanced and Expert). A printable progress report and analysis chart to monitor learner's progress and individual activity score. The database supports up to a 1000 learners.

All the activities are presented in fun and engaging game play. The games are made to be understood by kids and is designed to be played without adult assistance. The result is that you not only develop the child’s intellect and fundamental skills, but also a sense of self-confidence.


* I learn how to count (Toddler)
* Numbers and sums (Ages 5-7)
* Arithmetic - Addition
* Arithmetic - Subtract
* Times tables
* Division
* Add with whole numbers (carry)
* Subtract with integer (borrow)
* Multiply and Divide with large numbers
* Mixed calculations with parentheses / exponents
* Greatest common factor
* Multiply / Divide with fractions
* Add /Subtract with fractions
* Fractions to decimals / percentage
* Ratios with 3 quantities
* Square roots
* Algebra - symbols / addition / subtraction
* Printable Progress Report;


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